Why Now?

The whole business world is in a Reboot mode which requires re-thinking existing strategies & models that worked in the past. The way we use to work, travel, attend events & meet friends has changed for good. The world is embracing this change & so are the education institutes. Institutes are rethinking about their marketing strategies to attract prospects & run admissions online. But the strategy is something that needs to be well thought of, it takes months to plan & years to execute. To help & guide education institutes with the same we at ExtraaEdge came up with an online series “ReThink” where we intend to share our learnings working with 250+ admission teams across the country.

Recent Episode

Leveraging Automation to Increase Applications

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About ExtraaEdge

At ExtraaEdge we help admission teams win everyday. We leverage the power of Data Science, CRM, Conversational Chatbot & Marketing Automation to help the education industry increase, manage & predict their admissions.

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